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Owiwi makes your business an employer of choice through a fun and immersive gaming experience that Millennials love.

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An Immersive And Engaging Psychometric Tool.

An Immersive And Engaging Psychometric Tool.

Bringing together sophisticated illustration with real-life decision-making scenarios, players engage in a unique and immersive gaming experience where every interaction helps to shape a psychologically-validated and comprehensive soft skills profile.

Accurate Results Facilitate Effective Recruiting.

Accurate Results Facilitate Effective Recruiting.

Detailed profile reports provide hiring managers with invaluable insight into candidates’ soft skills, including leadership, team work and time management skills, which may not otherwise surface using traditional recruiting methods.

Validated and Reliable methodology.

Validated and Reliable methodology.

Hiring managers will have their mind at ease knowing that our Scientific process is backed by the latest research; giving them the opportunity to focus on other important recruitment tasks that require their attention

Why Choose Owiwi

We make finding your next top performers fast, efficient and fun


Combining cutting-edge technology with the latest research in Behavioral Psychology and Game Design.


Reduces the risk of a bad hire by providing valuable insight into prospective candidates’ soft skills

Brand Recognition

Make your company stand out from the competition with unique recruitment practices


Generate authentic character profiles through immersive, fun and engaging gaming experiences


Candidate profile reports are delivered within seconds to your Email after completing the assessment

Reduces Cost

A quick and highly-efficient alternative to lengthy and costly traditional recruitment methods

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